Thursday, July 8, 2010

Whew...23 weeks!

Well, as you see i'm a little behind (again). This working 50 hours a week stuff sucks!
It's hard to believe, but it has already been two weeks since my shower. I had such a wonderful time at home. I really miss my family and my friends. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends in Oh and in Tx, but I really miss my mom. In just a few weeks it will be 9 years since I lived at home. Strange how things change.

Anyway, the shower was wonderful. Jenny, Keri, and Cass did a great job. The theme was "3 peas in a pod". Jenny's husband made some very delicious food. We had stuffed clams, a delicious summer salad, tomatoes stuffed with chicken salad, veggies and dip, pretzels, and fruit salad. It was delicious.

Keri made the cutest little potted flowers. The pots were little white picket fences. So adorable.
Cass (and Derek) gathered a ton of pictures of me from when I was a baby. I only had one emotional outburst. A picture of me with my grandparents popped up. Cass pointed it out, I lost it. You would think that wouldn't happen. After all they have been gone for years. But, aside from just having the crazy hormone imbalances, I really still do miss them. But, these big life events make it harder. I wonder fairly frequently what they would be saying about the triplets. And now of course...the tears come.

Jenny had a friend make my cake. It was adorable. The topper was a pea pod with three little heads. So freaking cute.

Oh and a huge thank you to Jenny's mom and dad. They allowed the shower to be hosted in their brand new home.

I loved it. They really had me in mind when they were putting everything together. I'm so glad I have them as friends. I really am a lucky lucky girl.

The "big" ultrasound was last week. I'm happy to report that all three have 4 chambers of their hearts, good outflow vessels, nicely forming brains, 2 arms, 2 legs each, closed spines, and 3 vessel umbilical cords. We did get confirmation that one is a girl, one is boy, and one is our "surprise". The little girl has long legs and the other two have Derek's arms. Long monkey arms.
In the past two weeks I have started feeling them move. I can see my belly poke out with some of their moves. Poor Derek hasn't felt them yet. They stop moving the second he puts his hand on my belly. My mom has gotten to feel them and a co-worker has. Not Derek...poor daddy.
The other night I was laying on the couch with my feet propped up (it's the nightly ritual). I had the remote laying on my belly. Someone was not happy about the remote invading their space. It was hysterical to watch them kick it. I know I layed there for 20 minutes just giggling watching them and feeling them kick it. I'm not a fan of the rolling. It kinda takes your breath away.

I know my belly is getting bigger and rounder (had to buy new underwear), but since I see it all of the time I didn't realize how much bigger it has gotten. Until..I was looking into my cell phone. I send Cass a picture every other week of the belly. Well, I looked at a picture taken on the 16th. Okay, definately a round belly there. Then looked at the picture from Wednesday. Holy has really grown. My mom and Mike came up to bring the shower gifts up and to try and finish the new bathroom. They both commented how they had just seen me 4 days before and I had grown more since they saw me.
Does anyone know how to lessen the swelling in the legs and feet?

We bought a new scanner, so hopefully I will get some new baby pictures up soon. For now, enjoy the shower pictures.
Me and Keri
Jenny, Jenn, Keri

Three Peas in a Pod Hershy Miniature

Three Peas in a Pod Cookie

Casserole and Jenn

Opening Gifts

More Gifts

Posing with the cake


The Three Peas in a Pod Cake