Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

The Duckies
Charlie and the duckies
Katie, Emma, Charlie, and duckies
Katie and the duckies
Emma and the duckies
This morning started with seeing the goodies the Easter Bunny brought them. They got
Easter Bunny ears, some mini m&m's, bracelets, Bubble Wands, and slinky's. BUT the greatest part of their Easter weekend was the BABY DUCKIES! We got to play with two baby duckies! Emma loved them. Kate wanted to, but she was a little overwhelmed by them. She did touch them and laugh at them. However when they got in her lap...she wanted them removed. Emma didn't mind them in her lap until they started nipping at her.

18 Months

A whole year and a half! I'm completely amazed at them every day. Not only are they just completely amazing, but they are funny too.
Emma says: Uh oh, Hi, poop poop, doggie, kitty, cat, cup, katie bug, bug bug, I get.
Kate says: Hi, Hello, uh oh, kitty, cup, do it, and cup.
They make me laugh regularly. Especially when they give each other High Fives :)
However, Kate has a new trick. She has started biting. She bit Emma on the nose they other day and today I watched her get mad and try to bite Emma on the chest.
Emma is still throwing herself in the floor or the porch when she doesn't get her way. She is also hitting, yes, hitting.