Monday, July 18, 2011

Charlie's Legacy: Family stories of grief, healing and solace

I had an experience this weekend that led me to an epiphany. I need to help other families. To do this, I think I would like to give other families experiencing this to be able to put their pain on paper with the hopes that it will help others. Our vision for this book is a family oriented book. We would like the experiences/thoughts/feelings of the parents, the grandparents, and the aunts and uncles. No matter how raw. Now matter the emotion involved. Many of the books that exist currently focus on the parents and thier aspect of the loss. Grandparents get lost. The parent's siblings are lost. The loss of a baby engulfs an entire family. The entire family is affected in a multitude of ways. We want to give families a place to document their journey. Their sadness. And for some, their rainbows. We want families that are in the very beginning of the process to families that are years in the making. It is the only way we can be of help to others while helping ourselves.

If you are interested, or know anyone who would like to contribute, please let myself or Derek know.


  1. What an awesome idea Jen! There are definitely so many people who could benefit from this. Have you thought about contacting SHARE or another one of the loss support groups?

  2. Hi Jennifer, i am definitely interested in sharing my story. Just let me know what you need. Kirsten