Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

We went to one of the Halloween stores just to meander around and waste a little time. There was this grave stone-skeleton kit that just threw me through a loop. In this kit was a tiny skull. A skull that would have been pretty close to the size of the babies heads when they were born. It made me physically ill. I had to leave the store because I was sick to my stomach and light headed. All I could think about was is that what is left of Charlie? After that, Halloween was kinda destroyed for me this year. I could have cared less if it came or not. However, we trudged along and dressed the girls up. We passed out candy to all of the trick or treaters. And then took the girls down to Suzanne and Noah's for a bit. The girls had chocolate for the first time. I gave them one of those snack size hershey bars to chew on. Thinking "oh, they won't get them open." HA!! I was wrong. I looked down at them to find they had indeed opened the chocolate and had little brown rings around their mouths. Hilarious. What wasn't so hilarious was taking the slimy chocolate bars away. Holy Hell...the screaming that ensued. Overall, the day was enjoyable. Zach and Laura came over. Ryan and his girlfriend (also a Katie) came in from Chicago.

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