Friday, October 29, 2010

Wow, a month old already....

Last Saturday the girls turned one month old. Where has the time gone?! At their last doctor's appointment Emma weighed 5lb 14oz (my birth weight) and Katie weighed 6lb 3oz. In one week they had gained 8 and 9 ounces, respectively. I hadn't realized how much they had really grown until I was looking back at their newborn pictures. Wow, what a difference. Not only have their appearances changed some, but their personalities have changed as well. Both are still pretty relaxed babies, but Emma has found her voice and is a little impatient. When she wants something she wants it right now. Katie patiently waits for whatever she wants. Unless, it is the middle of the night and she wants her binky. Yes, the binky. In general they don't want them much during the day. However, once the 9 pm feeding hits, they start getting tired and want them. I find it to be bizarre, but I would rather limit the binky to night time then all of the time. That being said, if they are super cranky (like they have been today) then I am okay with letting them have them. I've also noticed they are having longer wake periods. Poor Katie has reflux. I am suposed to give them a multi-vitamin, but that makes it worse for her. So, I give it to her every other day. She also is now taking Zantac. Oh, I hope it helps. The poor baby just screams. You know it hurts.

I'm enjoying the time with them. I only have a few more weeks left before I go back to work. I won't pretend I want to go back. I've always wanted to stay home with my children. I think it is important to give them that the first 5 or 6 years. Unfortunately, that isn't going to happen. Instead, Derek will be home with them until he finds suitable employment. I'm a litte angry/envious of that.

Last night we carved pumpkins for Halloween. We bought each baby a pumpkin. Emma's has a princess crown with an "E". Katie's is a lady bug (I call her Katie Bug) and Charlie's has his name and angel wings. We also bought a couple big ones. We will call those the "mommy and daddy pumpkins".

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