Thursday, March 31, 2011

No really..they are 6 months old

Emma Katie
So, not only are the girls 6 months old, but they are changing so very rapidly. neAs previously mentioned, Miss Emma has two teeth. Little super star of a kid. Miss Katie I believe will be following suite shortly. She has been drooling and knawing on her thumbs. She thinks it is pretty nifty to chew on her binky and pull it out so it makes a popping noise. They continue to eat veggies and fruits. As of this evening they have eaten: Peas, Green Beans, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Bananas, Pears, and Peaches. We have Squash, Apples, and Prunes left to try. We are working on eating from a spoon. Some days they would rather lick the spoon than actually eat it off the spoon. But, we are working on it. I was looking back at the pictures from they day they were born. I am utterly amazed at how much they have changed. Not only in size, but features. Their personalities have really started to blossom. Emma is a little more reserved. She is happy to keep to herself and play with her feet and her various toys. Katie likes to be entertained a little more. She is generally happy. She smiles at almost everyone. They still only laugh at Derek and I, but I'm okay with that. I'm selfish. I will admit it.

Today I made arrangements to go design Charlie's headstone. Never in a million years would I ever think I would have design a headstone. I supect nothing will ever be good enough for him.

I love/hate my new life. I adore my girls, but I hate that not having Charlie is part of my norm. I hate that being all consumed with grief is now embedded in my core. I hate that he isn't here with us. I hate that he never got to feel my touch. I hate that we never saw him smile. I hate that he will not grow up with his sisters. I love that I have these two girls I get to love and nurture. I love that when I walk in the door they both smile as if I am th greatest thing that has ever happened. I love watching them grow and change. I love that when they are sad I am the only one who makes it better.

We leave in two weeks for STL. First time flying with the girls. Should be sporty.


  1. I love reading about the girls and their accomplishments. And I think it is a good form of healing for you to talk about Charlie. Know you guys are thought about and I say alittle prayer for all of you each night.

  2. I love/hate reading your blog. You put everything so perfectly. I would love to text/chat/email. (210)310-5987 or

    I lost my trip and my heart is torn apart. All of my friends are leaving me, say I need counseling. I think im doing what any mother would...or should.