Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Easter take 2

Egg Head's

The Easter Bunny came! Easter eve the girls and I dyed eggs for the doggies annual egg hunt. They didn't so much care, but they were rather fascinated with the eggs. The girls wore their special bunny jammies and went to bed. Not knowing that when they woke up there would be two baskets with goodies waiting for them. We sat them on the couch and let them "open" their baskets. For being 7 months old, they did a rather good job. They tore out the toys. Didn't care too much about the jammies. Put the candy in their mouths for a photo. Played with the grass and ribbon. All in all, they had a lovely time. They even posed for a few photographs.

What you didn't see in the video we shot was me sobbing. Like every other milestone, holiday, or event my mind wanders to Charlie. He should have been sitting there with his basket. Instead his basket sat next to his newly installed headstone.

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  1. So sorry, Jen. As you saw on my blog, Easter was particularly hard for me. I just hope the rest of our lives aren't always going to be tinged with such raw pain.