Monday, April 12, 2010

We're growing!

Here we are at our 10 week ultrasound. The babies are all measuring about the same. Today we are 10w4d. They are certainly getting bigger. Baby A is front and center. Baby C is fairly close, but head down. And poor baby B has gotten pushed to the back. C is going to be our camera shy little sprout. They are really starting to look like babies. We could see their hands and feet this morning. Or as Derek put it, their paws. My belly is certainly growing. I was reading in my multiples "bible" last night. I have to gain another 25lbs before we are 20 weeks! That means I have 9 1/2 weeks to gain 25lbs. That's going to be tough. Especially, since everything I should be eating is full of nutrition. Sure, I could eat McDonalds every day, but I don't think that is what the beans need.

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Baby A
Isn't this the best picture! His/her heart rate was
160 bpm. If you look closely you will see the outline
of the head, legs, belly and back. We did get to see
his/her feet and hands. This is our camera hog.

Baby B
Poor little bean has been pushed to the back by
his/her siblings. You can he/she is head up, but
we didn't get a great picture this week.

Baby C
Again, not camera shy. He/she is head down.
And shares the spotlight with A. If you look to the
right you can see two little dots, I believe those are
A's hands. C's heart rate was 175--if you believe in
wives tales then you know what that means :)

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  1. They have really grown! Sounds like they have healthy hearts!

    I will cross my fingers, that Baby C is a girl...I was clueless about this wives tale!