Monday, April 26, 2010

Wow, they look like little babies....

Wow, that is all I can say. They are really taking shape of little people. All three look good and are growing appropriately. I feel great. What more can a girl ask for.

I will say today was a happy, but sad day at the doctor's office. Today was our last visit with Dr. Nash. However, he plans on checking in on us from time to time and wants to see us after the babies are born. I think he and his nurses were as sad to see us go as we were to be leaving. It sounds silly, but we've been through a lot with this office. They bring comfort when I'm ridiculously anxious. Which, happens to be every weekend before an ultrasound.

I will tell you there is nothing more calming than hearing the heartbeats surround you in the room. I'm so grateful.

Baby A. If you look closely you can see his/her spine and femur bone. He/she is in the same position as last ultrasound just bigger. Oh and flipped over. He/She is butt up instead of down this time.

Baby B. I tend to think this is actually Baby C, but for today he/she is baby B. He/she is head down. Poor thing is going to be kicked in the head by his/her sibling. How unfair is that.

Baby C. We got a little bit better of a picture this week. Still our biggest of the bunch. I did get to hear his/her haertbeat loud and clear today. Such a relief.


  1. The view of Baby A's spine is amazing! So happy that you heard Baby C's heart beat! Your babies are beautiful! Way to go Mommy!

  2. Great update! Glad you got to hear Baby C this time.